SHOULDER PAIN IN Lovettsville?

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Your shoulder is often overlooked until it becomes a problem due to pain. Many people realize the importance of a healthy shoulder because of its everyday use such as lifting or reaching your arms, carrying objects, waving, and various other activities, so they search for excellent chiropractic treatment in Lovettsville. Your most mobile joint is your shoulder which leads to various injuries or conditions.
Ignoring your shoulder problems have the potential to bring long term nagging conditions. Pinpointing the cause behind your shoulder pain is essential in appropriately treating and recovering from your shoulder condition. The goal of this article is to better your knowledge of causes of shoulder pain and the benefits of chiropractic treatment in recovering your shoulder to complete function.


With nearly infinite causes of shoulder discomfort, let’s check the most frequent causes first. Here are the most frequent causes of shoulder pain:

  • Tightening in the neck and upper back area
  • Vertebrae misalignment
  • Arthritis
  • Unusual movements
  • Injuries from sports or car accidents

Results from list could cause shoulder joint inflammation or spinal issues; however, most of the time it is because of spinal issues. Your shoulder nerves are traced back to the spine. Compression or injury to your upper back and neck vertebrae will cause damage and irritation to the nerves that lead to your shoulder. Numerous problems can arise from nerve disruption, which can be caused by a small vertebrae misalignment. Shoulder pain can very well be hidden spinal injury.


Shoulder pain and limitations to range of motion can be immediate or progressive due to the various ways shoulder pain can be triggered. Severe issues may arise from even mild shoulder injuries. Precise treatment and careful evaluation are needed to prevent progression of the frequently or daily used shoulder joint. Your shoulder should be accessed immediately if you are experiencing any of these symptoms:

  • Week long shoulder pain
  • Chronic shoulder pain
  • Struggling to raise your arm above head
  • Pain when lifting objects
  • Heightened pain in shoulder towards nighttime
  • Bruising or swelling specifically to joint area
  • Cracking or clicking sensations when using the joint


As another option to prescriptions and surgeries, chiropractic treatment is careful and non- invasive way to find quick and complete results. Specializing in spinal issues and shoulder pain, Lovettsville chiropractors are a very good option. They will completely assess your issue with a medical history evaluation, and cutting-edge imaging strategies. Upon a precise diagnosis, a specialized treatment process will be assigned to assist you in a healthy and speedy recovery.

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