Suffering from Scoliosis in Lovettsville

scoliosis care is helped by with chiropractic care

We are an office that aids with the painful effects of scoliosis. For the most part, the condition starts as a small bend in the spine that slowly becomes more severe overtime. It is diagnosed if the patient has a bend in their spine of greater then ten degrees to the right or left. Major health concerns are able to rise once the spine bends to greater degrees.

When the bending of the spine is caught early and acted upon with proper care these life altering problems can be avoided. The article below will describe the progression of scoliosis, how it is identified, and how chiropractors in Lovettsville are able to heal your spine and body.

Scoliosis Treatment in Lovettsville

Healthy spines are completely vertical and when there is a bend horizontally it becomes a condition called scoliosis. Scoliosis begins to develop, at various ages, when there is a vertebrae that is not completely aligned and as the body grows so do the muscles connected to the spine. The muscles begin to pull on the spine and deepen the curves that previously existed so that the head is supported vertically.

The initial misalignment can be formed from incorrect posture, a degenerative disease, or accidents involving the back. Most cases begin in children that are going through quick growth developments but it is not unheard of for adults to develop scoliosis as well. Osteoporosis can lead to scoliosis as well.

What are the Consequences of Scoliosis?

Left unchecked, scoliosis can lead to long term chronic pain in the back, neck, shoulders, and buttocks. There are many cases where scoliosis lead to a plethora of recurring issues. One of the issues is sciatica which has been linked to patients with scoliosis. In worst case scenarios, the capacity of the heart and lungs can decrease along with painful menstruation and physical disability.

How is Scoliosis Identified?

Usually, scoliosis is first noticed by a parent or guardian of the person. They notice that the pelvis and shoulders are not level. A examination by a professional will assess the gait of the person and access the curvature of the spine. The Adams Position Test is often used as it requires the patient bend forward in order to observe an abnormality. If a visual cue is not given, X-rays are used to understand the severity of scoliosis.

Chiropractic Care for Scoliosis

Chiropractors in Lovettsville are professionally trained to diagnose a patient with scoliosis. Following, the history of the patient is examined to determine the possible cause of scoliosis. This is used to develop the correct treatment that will most efficiently and correctly aid the bend of the spine.

Chiropractors in Lovettsville is a non invasive and safe treatment that is able to prevent, slow, and stop the continuation of scoliosis. Specific spinal adjustments are common in order to reverse the horizontal curvature and help the recovery process. Call today for a diagnosis or examination that can be life saving.


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